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Volume One: Dilemmas of Identity
Lower Floor
Catalogue Number
Release Date
8 luty 2019

First release in a new multi-part series of solo releases by the Wolf Eyes frontman. An evolution from the previous Regression material, taking in elements of classic synth soundtracks, ambient and electronic body music, but filtered through a typically off-centre Michigan underground sensibility.

In the Regression series–Regression (2009), Stay Asleep (2011), Other Days (2012), Blinding Confusion (2013)–Young drew a compositional aesthetic from Italian library music and musique concrète. Since then, Young has been interpreting the traditional musical methods of rhythm and melody into complex synthesizer compositions. These songs were commonly made as a distraction from grief, seasonal depression, and isolation. Sometimes severely ridiculous and unrelenting; other times slow, sparse and strange; this material didn’t fit in with the Regression series. It was archived and unreleased until now.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 In The Shadow Of 4:53 Kup

    In The Shadow Of

  2. 2 Mindless Voices 4:13 Kup

    Mindless Voices

  3. 3 The Weeping Babe 4:23 Kup

    The Weeping Babe

  4. 4 Crumpled Body 4:55 Kup

    Crumpled Body

  5. 5 Vents Of Blue 4:04 Kup

    Vents Of Blue

  6. 6 Dribbling Insane 5:36 Kup

    Dribbling Insane

  7. 7 Flushing 3:58 Kup


  8. 8 On Repeat 4:27 Kup

    On Repeat

  9. 9 Pardon The Mess 4:05 Kup

    Pardon The Mess

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